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    • Olga Holzschuh, songs of conditions, SimultanProjekte 2024, Foto: Marie Gentges

    • Pai Litzenberger mit Anne Weyler, konzipiert mit Jana Budszus, Ich gebe dir ein Wort, SimultanProjekte 2024, Foto: Marie Gentges

    • Erótico Inestable, DER BLEIENER PFEIL, SimultanProjekte 2024, Foto: Marie Gentges

    • Tamara Goehringer, entrelazamos (lancinante), SimultanProjekte 2024, Foto: Marie Gentges

    • Mira Rosa Plikat und Selina Koch, REMANENZ, SimultanProjekte 2024, Foto: Marie Gentges

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    Pai Litzenberger, Erotico Inestable, Mira Rosa Plikat, Tamara Goehringer, Olga Holzschuh

    SimultanProjekte 2024
    01.06. – 14.09.2024

    01.06.2024 12:00

    14.09.2024 22:00

    SimultanProjekte 2024 places a special focus on performative and installative artistic positions at the outdoor venue. The site of the exhibition hall, which has been closed since 2018 for building protection reasons, is simultaneously a biotope, studio space and exhibition venue. The hall, a trial construction of the Museum Ludwig, was transformed into a lively art venue through voluntary commitment, the future of which is currently uncertain. Following the closure of the Simultanhalle as an exhibition space, the SimultanProjekte have established themselves as an independent format in the outdoor space in recent years.


    Opening 1 June 2024

    with performances by Pai Litzenberger with Anne Weyler, Erotico Inestable with Daphne Glinzig, Mira Rosa Plikat with Selina Koch.

    Further performance days:
    29 June with Erotico Inestable / 14–19 pm

    17.August with Tamara Goehringer, Pai Litzenberger, Mira Rosa Plikat / 14–19 pm

    Finissage on 14. September with Olga Holzschuh and Tamara Goehringer / 12–22 pm

    Tour with the curators on 07.09. from 13–15 pm by application via info@simultanhalle.de

    With kind support by: