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    07. – 27.07.2013

    In their video installation Clea Stracke & Verena Seibt choose the Simultanhalle, Cologne, as the topic and setting of their site-specific work. The artist duo focuses on the relationship between simulation and reality. Expressing a simultaneous truth the Simultanhalle is put into context with the Museum Ludwig, Cologne, as a meteorite in a residential area, a paranormal space and a place of doubling. By using illusionary tricks the simultaneity of model (Simultanhalle) and copy (Museum Ludwig) loosens our grip on reality and we land somewhere between documentary and science fiction. The seemingly solid museum (space) starts to sway and crumble, transporting the staggering protagonist in place and reality.

    Baptist Orthmann

    Clea Stracke & Verena Seibt

    With Dwayne Holliday
    Sound: Ludwig Berger
    Camera: Pascal Jäger
    Photos: Malte Bruns
    Original sound: Michael Bothur, Camilo Colmenares
    Stunts: Sergiu Zorger